Benefits Of Exploring The 5 Best Anime Series On ShowBox

Do you know that Showbox is one of the most fascinating and trending activities movie fans can engage in? ShowBox on PC has continued to display its supremacy in providing TV show and movie fans amazing streaming services. Part of the ShowBox streaming service is to provide viewers with interesting anime series. This content will unveil the 5 best anime series available on ShowBox.


Baccano remains an amazing caper involving outlaws, gangsters, immortals, alchemists and an elixir of immortality disseminated over a plethora of decades. This anime features Maxey Whitehead, Akemi Kanda, Caitlin Glass, Michael Tatun and much more. To be factual, Baccano remains a rare anime to find on ShowBox. This well-designed and nonlinear anime is acted upon by some of the best minds in the world.

This anime contains morbid assassins, sinister alchemists, charming mobsters, insightful disenfranchised hoodlums and a group of refreshing comedic characters from the 1920’s street of America. Baccano has impeccable storyline, impressive animation and classic characters that name this series great to view.

Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex:

In this anime series, you will find out about a female cyborg that displays futuristic adventures. This cyborg comes with her own support crew and a counter intelligence agent. The anime features Richard Epcar, William Knight, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Shiro Saito. In fact, it is one of the most reliable, technical, stimulating and intellectual shows ever designed.

It contains driving music, realistic characters, beautiful animation quality and concepts that will make Steven Hawking look like a choir boy. The political and moral implications, technology being created and the ideology behind this anime series are beyond anticipation. With this anime, you will begin to ask what is left of the human race.


Berserk is an innovative anime series that display the intelligence of Guts. Guts remain a talented swordsman that later find himself among a mercenary tem called The Band of the Hawk. The charismatic Griffith is the leader of the group that Guts attached himself to. As the group struggled its way to the royal palace, Guts fought alongside with them.

The anime features Kevin T. Collins, Carrie Keranen, Marc Diraison and Nobutoshi Canna. The anime has lots of Shakesperean activities that will help you to learn. It also contains castle politics, demons and knights. The reality of the characters in this anime will make disappearing look like something small. Berserk is truly one of this best anime series that you can watch on ShowBox.

Neon Genesis Evangelion:

In this anime series, a young boy was hired as a member of elite pilot’s crew. The recruitment was done by the young boy’s daddy. The anime features Spike Spencer, Kotono Mitsuishi, Megumi Hayashibara and Megumi Ogata. In this anime series, Shinji Ikari remains the shell boy. A Neo Tokyo was attacked by terryifying and mysterious goliaths named Angels. The Neo Tokyo has the intention of defending himself from any external attack. Blasphemous science and humanities combined efforts are controlled by Shinji’s daddy.

This led to the creation of Evangelion. Shinji received a message to save humanity and kill Evangelion. If Shinji did not act according, it will be thrown away to a life of loneliness and useless. This is simply the useful hint that you can get from the anime which remains the entrance of the labyrinth. This is one of the best anime series that you can find on ShowBox. The gloriously violent choreography and the earth shaking battles remains the figure to match the complex storyline of the technical tenacity of this anime series. It is now the best standard and level for Mecha anime series now.

Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion:

This anime series depicts how someone was provided the authority to control other people. In the anime, a likeable prince later became the head of a rebellious team over a glorious empire. The anime features Takahiro Sakurai, Jun Fukuyama, Yuri Lowenthal and Johnny Yong Bosch.

It comes with intense Mecha battles, character design and unique art style and a game of chess. If you are looking for an amine series with the proclivity of learning something new, then give this movie a try.

The content is a true view for people that need anime series with complete entertainment. These movies will always make you excited when watched

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